Claire calls her mum in an attempt to iron out their differences but to no avail. Claire's upset. Tracy collects her things from Ciaran's flat and returns his key. She's worried to learn that Penny is threatening to go to the police about their scam. Tracy goes round to No.1 and after a lot of persuasion and using Amy as a bargaining tool, Ken and Deirdre let her move back in. Maria buys Tyrone a doughnut as a thank-you for the previous night. He's made up. Ciaran begs Penny not to go to the police. When she ignores his pleas, Ciaran points out that he'll deny everything anyway. Ashley asks Claire to move in. Claire agrees. Upset Penny pours her heart out to Mike about Ciaran's scam. Claire tells Candice, Maria and Fiz that she'll be moving out of the flat. Mike meets up with Mr Walker and discovers how Tracy pretended to be Penny and signed the sale contract in an act of fraud. Ashley's apprehensive of telling Maxine's mum that he's met someone else. Tracy's busy trying to mend bridges with Ken and Deirdre when, to her horror, Mike storms into to the Rovers and accuses her of fraud in front of everyone.


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