Steve and Karen celebrate their baby news and buy drinks all round. Tracy's gutted. Sean pours his heart out to Eileen and tells her how Kelly had a bet with the factory girls that she could pull him. Eileen's furious. Karen enjoys rubbing Tracy's nose in her news. Tracy leaves in tears. As sobbing Tracy cuddles Amy, Blanche points out that it's time she stopped carrying a torch for Steve. Dev and Sunita arrive at the Rovers and are overwhelmed at everyone's good wishes. Dev thanks Charlie for saving their lives. Charlie tells Shelley that he's going to the Weatherfield Arms. Shelley's put-out. Irate Eileen tells the factory girls that their bet with Kelly has got Sean the sack. The girls are really sorry and Hayley begs Danny to reconsider, explaining how he's misjudged Sean and that Kelly's the one at fault. As Liz chats to Deirdre about becoming a grandmother again, Tracy's upset and thinks Amy will be forgotten about, certainly by Steve. Charlie pulls a girl in the Weatherfield Arms. He leads her up a passageway where they snog and have sex. Dev and Sunita nervously go back to their flat. Once in bed, Sunita can't stop crying and Dev comforts her. Charlie returns to the Rovers where Shelley's waited up. She leads him up to bed, Charlie's totally unfazed.


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