Maria panics about how she's going to replace the £200 without Audrey finding out. Sophie tries on her Christmas cracker costume for the school fancy dress. Frankie insists that Danny erects a pigeon loft in the yard for Jack's pigeons. Ian calls round and offers Sally the job of office manager at his garage. Deirdre finds out from a colleague on the council that Wanda's been pulling a fast one and her house has never had termites. In desperation, Maria asks Kirk if he can give her any money and explains about the £200. Leanne overhears and threatens to tell Audrey. Blanche and Wanda slow dance to some Glenn Miller. Wanda complains that Deirdre's sherry is off but Ken points out that she's been drinking balsamic vinegar. Wanda admits she hasn't got termites and was just lonely. Sally, Kevin, Ian, Justine, Tommy and Angela go out for a pizza. Sally agrees to work part-time for Ian as his office manager. Leanne enjoys telling Tyrone about Maria's £200 predicament. As Wanda leaves No.1, she tells Ken that she's bought him his own cemetery plot. Tyrone pushes an envelope through Maria's door containing £200. She cries her eyes out, overcome by his kindness which she doesn't deserve.


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Wanda Brinsley: "Please don't shout at me, Deirdre. Am I really that much of a threat to your marriage?"

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