Karen plans to get the car, and Tracy offers a swap: the car for Steve. Tommy and Kevin rumble Tyrone when he tells them that he is going round to Maria's flat for dinner. They see his new shirt, and tease him. Maria sees and realises that things may be getting out of hand. Fred goes to the Rovers to meet Yvonne for her inspection of the pub's finances, as Claire tells Ashley that Maria and Candice are planning her a hen night in there. Shelley is making secret plans to meet up with someone. She tells Charlie that it is a Brewery lunch, but upon ringing the Brewery he discovers that there is no function. He makes her squirm before agreeing that she can go. Ken decides to give Karen the spare key to the car and Karen responds by getting a "Karen and Steve" sticker on the windscreen. Tracy threatens to smash it. Claire's worried that her mum is trying to stop the wedding by taxing Fred so much he can't afford it. Sally tells Kevin after her first day that the other garage needs some sorting out. Before Tyrone goes round to Maria's flat, Vera tells him to be careful. The dinner goes badly as Tyrone thinks that Maria is trying to get rid of him. He's about to leave when Dave Bellis turns up to give Maria the money back. To Tyrone's surprise and delight, Maria suddenly blurts out that she loves Tyrone. Tracy turns up at the Rovers giving Steve and Karen the peeled-off sticker which is cut in two.


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