Charlie continues to interrogate Shelley but she lies insisting it was Sunita on the phone. Charlie makes a mental note to punish her later. Charlie and Shelley get ready to go to Dev and Sunita's flat for dinner. Charlie tells Shelley that she looks a bit tarty. Feeling hurt, Shelley goes to change. Sally sings the praises of Ian Davenport's garage saying that it's much posher than theirs. Angela and Tommy buy Craig a computer for Christmas. Shelley changes into lots of different outfits but Charlie finds fault with all of them. Shelley becomes upset and flustered. When Dev lights some candles for the dinner party, Sunita has a panic attack as they remind her of Maya and the burning shops. Hayley's shocked to find the Christmas money has been stolen. The factory girls blame Angela. Offended, Angela storms off home. Martin tells Katy that he's taken out life insurance and she's the main beneficiary. Over dinner, Shelley suggests to Dev he should employ Charlie to re-build the Corner Shop, saying he isn't too busy and would do him a good deal. Gail's upset when Nick phones saying he won't be coming home for Christmas as he's still in love with Maria and can't bear to see her with Tyrone. Gail lies to Maria saying that Nick has got a new girlfriend. Maria's hurt but Tyrone's relieved. After a night out in town, Jason suggests to Violet they go to bed. Violet's offended and leaves telling Jason that he's ruined the evening. Back at the Rovers, Shelley thinks they've had a lovely evening but Charlie turns nasty, accusing her of belittling him in front of Dev. Shelley's distraught.


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