Katy desperately wants to make up with Martin but he's still seething. Kirk professes his innocence to Fiz. He's embarrassed when Sean and the factory girls start belly-dancing in front of him. Ian gives Sally a big bonus cheque for helping to sell a couple of cars. Dev finds one of Charlie's invoices and is puzzled at the amount. Candice is going out with Warren and his footballer mates. Trying to appear laid back, Tyrone suggests Maria should go too. Dev hands Charlie his invoice back. Shelley looks uncomfortable and Dev clocks her reaction. Charlie tries to cover up. Ian and Sally are kissing in the office when they hear Kevin calling them. They jump apart. Kevin's none the wiser and is just returning a customer's car. Ian lends them a sports car for the weekend. Sally shows Kevin the bonus cheque. They drive away very happy together. Violet sees Martin looking unhappy and tries to talk to him about the baby. Maria's very taken with a footballer friend of Warren's called Stuart. Kirk gives Fiz a watch to say sorry. Fiz is delighted but then Kirk ruins everything by saying housewives are bound to fancy him sometimes. Fiz storms off. Dev tells Sunita he's sure Charlie's ripping off the insurance company and he's not going to use him on the other shops. Sunita's concerned. Martin has a go at Katy for talking to Violet. Katy snaps and asserts she's having the baby whether Martin likes it or not.


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