Martin tries to look after Craig on the Street but Craig is resistant, blaming him and Katy, but inside he won't forgive his dad. Katy tries to explain to Angela that at least they were being safe, but Angela shuts the door on her and Martin. Scooter has bought a pond for Bethany, Gail is worried that Bethany will fall in. Sarah decides to stay with Scooter, and asks Gail to look after Bethany. Chesney, Les and Kirk are still down about Schmeichel's disappearance. Kirk persuades Tyrone to let Chesney borrow Monica for an evening, but Chesney uses Monica to try to track down Schmeichel and runs off. Tempers are frayed at the Harrises house as Craig tries to explain he hasn't had sex. Sally finds out about Tommy and Craig, and asks Rosie about it all. She says she'll not tell Kevin everything. Norris has glued together two pages of Hard Grinding for Emily's benefit. Angered, she asks to borrow Rita's copy to read the "censored" passages. Sally is mortified to find out, in front of Tommy, that Rosie found the condom in Sally's bag.


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