Annie annoys Jack when she chats to Mrs Arkinstall on the phone about the election instead of getting his breakfast. Irma and Hilda wake up to the fact that David and Stan have not come home. They have spent the night in a barn and are threatened with trespass by farmer Mr Butterworth who sends them on their correct way. They then decide to toss a coin as to who shall tell the women a story, even if it's a downright lie. Irma and Hilda overhear them and throw a bowl of water over them. Ken agrees to write Len's election address. Ena refuses a drink on the house from Annie, seeing it as an election bribe. Jack tells Albert he's had enough of being neglected and he's going to do something about it. The caravan party try to enjoy the rest of the weekend with no gas and in complete isolation. Annie asks Ken to help her with her campaign speech. Jack rings his brother Arthur Walker. Stan leaves a gate open and a herd of cows gather around the caravan, scaring the women. They all admit defeat and pack up to go home. Jack arranges with Arthur to have the brewery summon him to look after Arthur's pub, leaving Annie on her own for the remainder of the campaign.


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