Sunita and Shelley leave for their spa weekend. Sunita feels guilty knowing she rigged the scales but Dev assures her she did it for the right reasons. Claire helps out in the butchers. She doesn't like being surrounded by all that raw meat and wonders if she should become a vegetarian. Ken and Deirdre book their wedding at the register office for March. Steve realises that because of his pending divorce he won't be able to buy out Dev's half of Street Cars. Scooter stays at the Platts' house. He gives Bethany an old dolls' house he found at the tip. Jason returns home to find Violet, Eileen and Sean holding a "spa evening" at home. Sean offers to wax Jason's chest. Jason leaves in a huff. Claire tells Ashley she's got an interview for a nannying job. Ashley admits he's worried she'll fall in love with the new family. Claire assures him that she will only ever love him. Violet accuses Jason of being a jealous homophobe and then storms out. Sarah and Scooter kiss and then go upstairs. Gail arrives home and is embarrassed to hear them in the bedroom. Charlie walks Violet home and insinuates he doesn't think Sunita is as good a friend to Shelley as she pretends to be.


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