Angela and Tommy try to comfort a distraught Katy. Scooter gives Sarah some perfume as a present. Sarah thinks he found it at the tip. Scooter's very offended and although Sarah apologises he leaves feeling hurt. Norris shows Claire his boyhood train set and they agree they both share a love of public transport. Roy tries to chair a meeting of the Book Club. Everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to Rita. Blanche discovers she's been reading a different book to everyone else. Claire's been for an eye test and shows off her new specs to Ashley and Fred. Scooter calls round and shows Sarah the receipt for the perfume proving he bought it. Sarah pleads forgiveness but Scooter storms off. Martin warns Sally that Tommy and Angela think they're having an affair. Sally's worried wondering what's made them think that. Feeling depressed and wrongly accused, Martin chucks the engagement ring he'd bought for Katy in the bin. Katy tells Angela and Tommy she wants an abortion.


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