Angela sends Craig off to school and she goes to work pretending nothing's happened. Rosie's interested to hear that Kevin's sacked Tommy for saying things about Sally and Martin. Sally tries to change the subject. Kevin and Tyrone open up the garage and are horrified to discover Tommy's dead body and blood everywhere. Kevin goes to the factory and tells Danny what's happened. Together they break the news to Angela. Angela insists on going to see the body. She cradles Tommy and lets out all the pent-up grief of the last twenty-four hours. Angela pretends to break the terrible news to Katy. Craig is collected from school by the police. Angela tells Craig his dad is dead. Craig's shocked and blames Martin. Tracy's put out when Emily arrives back from the hospital with Ray saying that Ray's going to stay with her. Angela, Katy and Craig watch as Tommy's body is removed from the garage. Katy cracks and is about to confess to everything but Angela manages to stop her.


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