Martin breaks down and sobs. David's frightened but hugs him. Ray ruins his chat with Tracy by putting down Ken and she slaps him hard. Deirdre remembers how good she and Ray were together, wondering what could have been. Roy's scared when Schmeichel arrives on a visit. Chesney tells him to face his fears. Tracy tells Ray he's too late as he's already dead to her. She leaves as Deirdre arrives. Martin's upset that Gail thinks he might be guilty. He swears on David's life. Gail hugs him and says she believes him. Ray and Deirdre discuss old times. She breaks down telling him that he broke her heart. Ken's worried when Tracy returns from No.3 without Deirdre. Katy panics about going to prison. Angela says they'll blame the murder on the Morgans from Sheffield, telling Katy to be strong. Roy introduces Chesney to encyclopedias. Chesney asks if Schmeichel can stay. Ken explains to Blanche how much it hurts that he and Deirdre aren't yet married. Martin tells Katy he's innocent. She says she misses him. Angela drags Katy away telling Martin to stay away from her family. Deirdre forgives Ray. Ken overhears them reminiscing and states he won't let Ray cause his family any more pain.


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