Episode 5990
Production code P694/5990
ITV transmission date 27th March 2005
Script editor Bryan Kirkwood
Jenny White
Story editor Mark Bickerton
Story associates Jane Pearson
Lyn Papadopoulos
Cathianne Hall
Jane Marlow
Martin Sterling
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tim Hopewell
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 25th March 2005
Next episode 28th March 2005


Chesney manages to con Easter eggs out of Sally, Rita and Fred. Scooter's put some water and couple of goldfish in the Platts' fish tank. David drops some chocolate into the tank as a joke. Gail's cross with him. Deirdre, Tracy, Blanche, Amy and Ray set off for Southport in one car and Rita, Emily and Norris in another. Ken's still sulking and refuses to go. David frightens Sarah by pretending that Bethany has eaten the goldfish. Gail tells him off when they discover it was just a childish prank. Tracy gets Norris to take a "family" photo of her, Ray and Deirdre. Norris, Rita, Emily and Deirdre have a round of crazy golf. Norris takes it very seriously and disqualifies the others for cheating, declaring himself the winner. Sally and Kevin have Angela, Katy and Craig round for Sunday lunch. Angela becomes upset about Tommy and they have to leave. Angela tells Katy she's got some evidence which will convince the police that the Sheffield mob were responsible for Tommy's death. Tracy manages to get Ray on his own. She's embarrassed when he reads her mind saying she's only interested to know what she'll inherit when he dies. He tells her everything will go to her although there isn't much. Tracy's disappointed but admits she's glad that she's met her real dad.


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