Episode 59
Production code P228/59
ITV transmission date 5th July 1961 (Wednesday)
Serial editor H.V. Kershaw
Writer Douglas Enefer
Designer Denis Parkin
Director None credited
Producer Stuart Latham
Previous episode 3rd July 1961
Next episode 10th July 1961


Concepta realises Billy is looking for a job in London and worries about how Annie will take it. Christine agrees to let Dennis practice his guitar at No.13. Phil Marsden, Billy's boss offers him the job of foreman at the Chiswick garage - he takes it. Doreen and Billy stake their claim on each other but he worries when she talks about settling down. Albert and Michael collect for the Over 60's Club‏‎ jumble sale. Relief manager Vince Plummer takes over the Rovers as the Walkers go to Torquay. Annie thinks he's too keen. Vince makes advances towards Concepta causing Harry to turn against him.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


Notable dialogueEdit

Ena Sharples: "I speak me mind without fear or favour."

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