Harry receives a chatty letter from Alice which he realises means that she's happy in her new job. Concepta wonders how she will get on with Vincent Plummer, the Rovers relief manager while the Walkers are on holiday in Torquay. She realises Billy is looking for a job in London from "situations vacant" adverts marked in the newspaper she found and worries about how Annie will take it. George Layton, a customer at the Blue Bell Garage, comes in demanding to see Billy. During a work break, Christine tells fellow worker Audrey Plant that she's agreed to let Dennis practice his guitar at No.13 after he took her out to the Luxy Cinema. Billy's boss, Phil Marsden, overhears Mr Layton praising Billy's work after three other garages let him down and sees him giving a large tip. Phil offers Billy the job of foreman at the Chiswick garage he's opening in a couple of months. Delighted, he takes it. Doreen tells Billy about Harold Pilkington and he offers to sort him out but she says she's not bothered about losing her job. He dodges her talk about settling down. Albert and Michael collect for the Over 60's Club‏‎ jumble sale from Florrie. Vince Plummer looks over the Rovers. He disapproves of Jack drinking soon after opening and makes a meal of looking over the cellar. Annie thinks he's too keen and will cause trouble with their customers. Ena insists it's Minnie's turn to buy drinks because her paper rota says so. Annie starts to nag Jack as the pub is busier than usual and she hasn't done her packing yet. Dennis raises eyebrows when he buys whiskey. Vince makes advances towards Concepta but she pushes him away. Harry notices and is cold towards Vince. He offers his hand but Harry rejects it and walks out. Watching from the Snug, Ena anticipates lots of trouble coming.


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Ena Sharples: "I speak me mind without fear or favour."

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