Danny complains to Jack about his pigeons and the muck they cause. Kevin's pleased with Nathan when he spots some second-hand wheel bearings on one of Ian's cars which another garage has tried to pass off as new. Jamie tells Danny and Frankie how serious he is about Leanne. Danny feels guilty. Chesney takes Schmeichel for a last walk before he leaves for Spain. Emily's bemused when Norris admits he's frightened of pigeons. Vera's delighted to hear she's been reinstated at the Alhambra Bingo Hall. Sean's delighted he's got his job back as bingo caller and will be working tonight. Ian, Kevin, Sally and Justine go for a drink. The atmosphere's awkward. Ian tells Kevin he's had lots of affairs and Justine will get over it. Vera goes to bingo and is annoyed to see Sean's the caller again. Justine asks Sally if Ian's ever tried it on with her. Sally says not. She asks Sally to spy on Ian for her and Sally feels trapped. Danny tells Leanne that nothing's going to happen between them. Vera gets annoyed with Sean's bingo-calling and calls him a poofter. Sean refuses to carry on with the game until she apologises. Vera's furious when she doesn't win. Sean resigns as bingo caller. Roy and Hayley are upset to be losing Chesney.


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