Candice is overjoyed when she gets a letter saying she's been accepted on to the TV presenters' course. Craig starts back at school but Keith's worried that he's not ready for it. Ian tells Sally he wants her to leave. Sally threatens to phone Justine if he tries to sack her for refusing to sleep with him. Cilla hopes to get her job back at the Weatherfield Arms but she's put-out to find that Liz has been promoted to manageress in her absence. Ian decides to make Sally's life a misery. He spends the day picking on her and enjoys making her wash his car. Les talks Steve into letting him have his job at Street Cars back. Candice tries to borrow the course fees of £300 from Audrey but gets a flea in her ear. Keith and Craig are cooking sausages over a fire in the back garden when Emily kindly calls round with a home-made pie for them. Keith's touched. Frankie offers to lend Candice the £300. Candice is delighted. Ian tells Sally that if she continues to work for him then he'll continue to make sure she has a horrible time.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Candice receives short shrift from Audrey when she asks her for £300 to cover the cost of the TV presenting course, but eventually strikes it lucky with help from a suprising benificiary; Sally threatens to tell Justine about the affair if Ian sacks her; while Les gets his old job back at Streetcars.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,900,000 viewers (2nd place).
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