Diggory offers Sarah a job at his bakers shop on 50p an hour more than Dev pays her. Sarah accepts. Danny leaves Adam in charge of the factory. The girls fool around thinking that he's a soft touch and are shocked when he shouts at them to get back to work. Danny tells Jamie he knows that he's been visiting his mother. Charlie accidentally opens the door straight into Shelley. It whacks her in the face. Charlie insists that she takes the day off and puts her to bed. Jamie tells Danny that Carol's an alcoholic and blames him for leaving her and the mess she's now in. Danny's unsympathetic. Liz goes to visit Jim in prison. She tells him that their marriage is over and blames him for not controlling his temper and getting his sentence extended. Jim's a broken man. Dev's furious when he hears that Diggory's been poaching his staff. He tells Diggory what he thinks of him. Danny bans Jamie from using the company van to visit Carol. Leanne tries to explain to Jamie why she broke his trust and told Danny about Carol but Jamie's furious with her saying that he can't go out with someone he can't trust.


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Steve McDonald: "Going speed dating are we?"
Liz McDonald: "Not exactly... I'm going to visit your dad this afternoon."
Steve McDonald: "Speed dumping then!"

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