Deirdre tries to talk Tracy out of lying in court and points out that it's not fair on Amy who deserves to know her real father. Tracy refuses to listen. Candice auditions as a model. Julie Sanchez continues to eye up Warren. Jessie's offended when she's told they're not auditioning natural models. Joanne's audition is a success but she turns it down for Jessie's sake. Roy's delighted when a Reporter from the Gazette interviews him about his grandad's invention. However Hayley's suspicious of the reporter. Blanche's hip is causing her pain and making her feel old. Deirdre's upset and Ken tries to comfort her. Charlie again tries to persuade Shelley into sex but she says she's not ready. When Charlie storms out Shelley begs him to stay but he ignores her. Julie interviews Candice and tells her she's shallow and thick and needs to take a long hard look at herself. Candice is speechless. Sarah and Scooter break into Mrs Maloney's garden and rescue the fish. Sarah falls into the pond and they are almost caught by a neighbour. Tracy tells Roy and Hayley if they help Steve with his court case they won't see Amy again. Charlie and Violet get drunk together. They start kissing but Violet changes her mind. Charlie tells her that she's "like that stupid bitch upstairs". Violet recoils.


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