Episode 6070
Production code P694/6070
ITV transmission date 13th July 2005
Script editor Jenny White
Anita Turner
Story editor Mark Bickerton
Bryan Kirkwood
Story associates Jane Pearson
Lyn Papadopoulos
Cathianne Hall
Martin Sterling
Writer Chris Parker
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Riitta-Leena Lynn
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 11th July 2005
Next episode 15th July 2005


Violet's consumed with guilt. Jason wonders what's wrong. Violet feigns a headache. Gail's furious to find Scooter has deposited a skip full of fish on her back lawn demolishing half the fence. Candice is gutted to receive a letter of rejection from the modelling agency. Blanche tells Ken and Deirdre that she's thinking of moving into a home as she doesn't want to be a burden to them. They assure her she isn't. Sean borrows a friend's rabbit as an excuse to visit Tim White, the vet. He's put out to find it's Tim's day off. Shelley goes for her appointment at the cosmetic surgery clinic. Bev tries to talk to her but Charlie drives the van straight at her and Bev has to leap out of the way. Warren's gutted when he's told that Weatherfield County FC won't be renewing his contract. Andrew Audenshaw of Green Door Hotels asks Roy if he would be prepared to sell his grandfather's patent to him after reading about it in that day's Gazette. Bev lets herself into the Builder's Yard and takes a handful of Charlie's invoices. When Candice finds out Warren's been dropped by the team she finishes with him.


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