Charlie's annoyed when a client queries his estimate. Frankie's upset at the prospect of Warren moving to Spain. Liz tells Bev that her date with Bob wasn't a success as he was sea-sick. Charlie takes Shelley to the cosmetic surgery clinic for her operation. Leanne's fed up when Jamie insists they visit Carol. Carol's supposed to be starting at Alcoholics Anonymous but when they arrive she's already drunk. Candice desperately wants to get back with Warren now that he is on the brink of success. He tells her that he forgives her but makes it plain she's not going to Spain with him. Violet goes back to work but feels awkward around Charlie. Kirk, Maria, Fiz and Tyrone go for dinner at the Sutherlands' house. They're shocked when Eric and Dot tell them they're retiring to Cyprus and are handing the kennels business over to them. Kirk's pleased but Maria's furious. The Baldwins say goodbye to Warren as he leaves for Spain. Sarah and Scooter release the fish into a pond in the botanical gardens. A warden thinks they're stealing fish and calls the Police. Scooter and Sarah are arrested. Danny persuades Leanne to spend the night with him in a Manchester hotel. Charlie insists that Violet stays behind for a drink. He suggests they could continue where they left off. Violet's frightened of him and runs from the Rovers.


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