Bev reports Charlie to the Police for forcing his way into her flat and threatening behaviour. Chesney gets Nathan to fix Blanche's electric buggy and then he and Sophie ride on it up and down the ginnel. Ken tells them off. A police officer turns up in the Rovers to question Charlie. Charlie tells her how Bev broke into his yard and stole invoices and letters. The policewoman gives Bev a ticking off, telling her that she's lucky Charlie doesn't want to press charges for theft. Bev's beside herself knowing Charlie's won again. Maria and Kirk visit their parents at the kennels. Maria says she wants to sell the business and use the money to buy a hair salon but Kirk doesn't want to sell. Ken and Bob engineer a meal together with Deirdre and Liz at the pizzeria. Deirdre and Liz agree to put their differences aside and they all have a great evening. Sean offers to find another home for Betty's kitten as it's tiring her out. Maria's shocked when Eric and Dot Sutherland announce they want the kennels to stay in the family so they're handing the whole business over to Kirk. She gets nothing. Ciaran tells Charlie what he thinks of him for the way he treats Shelley. They end up fighting. Shelley arrives, threatens to call the Police and throws Ciaran out.


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