Ena's morning keep-fit routine is interrupted by Billy who passes on a complaint for Swindley from Vince Plummer that too much jumble for the Over 60's Club‏‎ is being dumped at the Rovers. Ena is delighted to pass on the complaint and tells Billy that there might be a job going for Doreen at Swindley's Draperies. Vince complains about everything Concepta does, causing her to cry. Emily feels she cannot cope with all the work at the Swindley's as he spends so much time away and he promises her an assistant. Emily tells him that the Snapes are moving to Newcastle and the cafe's new owners are doing it up with a continental look. Lucille befriends thirteen-year-old Patricia Holmes who has come from Crewe to visit her grandmother but she's lost. She takes her home to consult her dad's map. Dennis continues his guitar practice but is hopeless. Patricia cons money out of Lucille, supposedly for her bus fare to her gran's house. Len hears from Alf and Concepta how Vince is behaving and steps in to argue with him when he bullies her. Minnie thinks Vince can't help himself, coming from London. Vince objects to Minnie sitting in the snug with an empty glass but Martha steps in to protect her. Ena passes on Billy's messages. He promises to interview Doreen. Lucille tells Harry about Patricia. He sees a story about her in the paper saying that she is a runaway from an Approved School.


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