Leanne thinks that Carol's off drinking somewhere, as she hasn't seen her all day. Sophie has a place at Paddington Comprehensive, a rough school near the Briesley Estate. Norris tells Emily and Rita that he has three job interviews lined up. A tipsy Carol turns up at the factory, looking for Jamie. She insists on having a go on the sewing machine, when Mike walks in. He doesn't recognise her at first, but they're soon catching up on old times. Sarah and David are horrified when Martin reveals his big secret, turning up in a chicken costume. He's the Weatherfield County FC mascot - the Weatherfield Cock! Tyrone hasn't got round to organising anything for Kevin's birthday, so it's a night in the Rovers much to Nathan's disgust. Andrew causes a stir when he comes to the Rovers to meet Claire. The factory girls clamber to volunteer for the park clearance. Mike appears forgetful in his reminisces with Carol, asking the same question twice. Sally tells Rita she's thinking of home tutoring Sophie, as teaching can't be that difficult and she's passed on her complaint about Mr Lewis to the Gazette. Emily lets slip to Rita that Norris has given his age as forty-six on his CV. Kevin is underwhelmed with Sally's present - cufflinks, like the Oakhill School fathers wear. Nathan laughingly agrees to a drunk Carol's request for a birthday kiss. Leanne and a mortified Jamie walk in, just as Nathan is trying to wrench Carol off.


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