Nathan sets Rosie's hormones racing when she finds him hungover on the couch. Claire is left to dig alone when the turnout for the park clearance is disappointing. Janice, Jessie and Joanne turn up at the Red Rec in their glad rags, but are gutted to find Andrew isn't there. Claire sees red when Janice throws litter on the floor and throws a mud pie in Janice's face. Chesney and Sophie join in and a mud fight ensues. Sally is incensed to read Mr Lewis' derogatory comments about her in the Gazette. Kevin blames her for making the situation worse. Nathan's girlfriend, Farrah, turns up with his bags and dumps him for being with Tracy all night. Tracy promptly dumps him too. Nathan asks if he can stay another night on the Websters' sofa, to Rosie's delight. Emily calls a truce on the mud fight and everyone sets to work on the park. Gail smugly books a taxi for her date with Phil from the taxi office. Eileen is sheepish when Phil confronts her about lying to Gail about their "sessions". The girls are outraged when Sean arrives with Andrew, obviously a couple, and pelt them with mud. Leanne tells Jamie that by helping Carol out of her mess, he's making things worse. Carol agrees, and admits that she hasn't been evicted and will return to Birmingham. Phil asks Gail if he can use her life with Richard Hillman as a subject for his degree dissertation on victims of crime. She's horrified and leaves the restaurant in a daze.


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Claire Peacock: "You are a pug-faced scumbag!"
Emily Bishop: "Steady on, Claire!"

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