An incandescent Tracy throws Steve out and furiously berates Deirdre. Claire tries to keep Mal Quillan occupied for over forty minutes in Steve's absence. Lloyd rescues the contract by offering £5 back for every ten minutes that one of their cabs is late. Steve begrudgingly acknowledges Lloyd's quick-thinking. Charlie argues with Zack that Shelley must go to the Corner Shop if she feels ready to do so. Norris has an interview with Vanessa and JT at Ream Team Stationery. There's no job - instead he's offered the chance to buy a franchise and stock for £15,000. Sunita is surprised to find Shelley in the shop. Things are awkward until Shelley discovers that Sunita is pregnant and they begin to rekindle their friendship. Mr Lewis again refuses to admit Sophie at Weatherfield High. He reminds Sally that the school wasn't good enough for Rosie, even though he sends his own daughter to Oakhill. Maria makes Molly the new Kennel Supervisor. Molly immediately lays down the law to Fiz who is horrified as the two have a history. Rita seems to regret Norris's departure when he says he's been offered the job. Sally is forced to admit that she's bitten off more than she can chew with the home tutoring.


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