Steve worries that he's blown his chances by getting Tracy's back up. He's nervous about the hearing and what she's going to say. Norris waves his new contract under Rita's nose, hoping she'll cave in and make him an offer. She fails to take the bait. Charlie's irritated when Sunita comes to visit Shelley to cement their friendship. Molly gets revenge on Fiz for bullying her at school when they were girls, by manoeuvring her into a pen with Slaver the Alsatian. Fiz is terrified until Slaver turns out to be a big softy. Sally spots Mr Lewis dropping his daughter off at the gates of Oakhill School. He agrees to admit Sophie to Weatherfield High when Sally threatens to go to the Gazette. Shelley goes out on her own in Lloyd's taxi. Charlie's stunned when she announces she's been to see the vicar and the wedding's arranged for three weeks' time. Rosie's heartbroken when she sees Nathan kiss Tracy. Roy advises Fiz to apologise to Molly for bullying her in the past. Rita tells Norris she's read his contract and thinks the franchise concept is a con. He agrees, but when she still refuses to give him a partnership he tells her that he's got another interview next week. Charlie tries to break Shelley's fragile confidence, but she's determined to go ahead with the wedding. Tracy tearfully confesses to Deirdre that she's afraid she's going to lose Amy.


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