Ronnie stays the night with Steve and is embarrassed when she bumps into Liz at breakfast, however they hit it off immediately. Leanne's distraught at the mess she's landed herself in. Janice is unsympathetic. Jamie comforts Frankie. Frankie's grateful realising just what a lovely lad Jamie is. Cilla tries on Shelley's wedding dress. It's too tight and there's a tearing noise. Violet's upset to see that Charlie has wormed his way round Jason again. To Leanne's horror, Jamie insists on going round to Frankie's to cheer her up. Les can't find a church or vicar to marry him and Cilla. Bev suggests Les tries Father Abraham who drinks in the Weatherfield Arms. Leanne suggests to Jamie they should postpone the wedding whilst Danny and Frankie sort their problems out. Jamie agrees. Les meets Father Abraham, a drunken, unorthodox, failed minister. He agrees to marry Les and Cilla. Martin admits to Robyn he's falling for her. She gently pokes fun at him and places two pints on the backs of his hands so he can't move. Leanne tells Frankie she's called off the wedding but Frankie insists she finishes with Jamie altogether. Les takes Cilla to meet Father Abraham in his nissen hut. Cilla's furious with Les for thinking she'd get married in a squalid hut. She punches Les in the face.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Frankie tells Leanne to end her relationship with Jamie immediately, but all the cheating Battersby can manage is a wedding postponement. Violet asks Jason where his loyalties lie.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,830,000 viewers (6th place).
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