Minnie refuses £5 from Annie. Dennis borrows the brooch from Lucille to compare it with some others. Minnie and Annie agree to abide by Ken's decision - he suggests Annie keeps the brooch and the money. Linda worries that Paul has become spoilt. Dennis sells Hilda a plastic cameo like Annie's. Annie discovers her brooch is missing and assumes Hilda has taken it. Lucille returns it before Annie accuses Hilda. Annie gives Ena £4 to give to Minnie. She lets Minnie think it's coal money. Ivan tells Linda he's found a house in Selly Park. She feels she could live in Birmingham now. Elsie goes to fetch Paul from school only to discover he's not there.


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  • TV Times synopsis: In which Ena gives judgement and Elsie misses an important appointment
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,050,000 homes (1st place). This was the highest-rated episode of the year.
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