Sunita's in shock as Ravinder lets slip there are more kids and suggests she talks to Sandra at the Gorton shop. Violet goes home to change for her night out with Jason. Jason pops back to the yard to tidy up on his way home. Sarah finds him there. Jamie finds Carol drunk in the Rovers and blames Joanne for buying her a drink. Jamie finds out Carol lied about the break-in at her house and feels hugely let down by her. He carries her to Street Cars and orders her a cab for Birmingham. Sarah flirts with Jason. He resists temptation but the sexual chemistry is evident. Sunita has it out with Sandra who admits both her children are Dev's. Sandra tells her to talk to Shareen, another shop girl. Sunita's devastated. When Jason catches up with Violet he's snappy with her, desperately trying to fight his feelings for Sarah. Violet's upset wondering what she's done wrong. Sunita confronts Dev about his secret children. Dev tries to convince her that it's all in the past and he was going to tell her. He promises there are no more surprises. Sunita's upset knowing he's still lying to her. Sally buys Sophie some cheap trainers off Jessie. Jamie apologises to Joanne and thanks her for being so understanding where he knows Leanne would have been just the opposite. Shareen arrives carrying a baby. Sunita breaks down thinking the baby must be Dev's and therefore he's cheated on her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sunita struggles to take in Ravinder's news, and revelations about Dev's past leave her marriage in tatters. Meanwhile, Carol turns up drunk on Jamie's doorstep, so he has to put his date on hold.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,310,000 viewers (3rd place).
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