Episode 6170
Production code P694/6170
ITV transmission date 25th November 2005
Script editor Jenny White
Anita Turner
Story editor Bryan Kirkwood
Story associates Jane Pearson
Cathianne Hall
Martin Sterling
Gavin Blyth
Kim Millar
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Mike Adams
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 23rd November 2005
Next episode 27th November 2005


Violet stays at the Rovers, where she receives tea and sympathy from Shelley and Sunita. Fred scuttles away from the anti-men environment of the back room. Kirk asks Molly if it's okay to see Fiz again now. Molly's horrified and tells him that the only way to break Fiz's cycle of abuse is to dump her. Sarah snogs Jason and points out that she's there for him, and Violet's not. Fiz tells Cilla that now that she's lost her wiles with men, she'd better grab hold of Les as she's not likely to get anyone else. Audrey's disappointed in Sarah when Betty tells her how upset Violet is, and why. Fiz tries to make up with Kirk but she gets frustrated when he constantly refers to Molly. She punches him in the face, and he dumps her for being a bully. Violet overhears Sarah telling Molly that she was kissing Jason that morning. Violet forgives Eileen when she admits she knew about Jason and Sarah, but she won't forgive Sean when he admits the same. Cilla cooks a meal for once and announces that she's ready to marry Les. Jason begs Violet to take him back, but she refuses. Tracy is particularly nasty to Claire in the Rovers. Claire throws her drink over Tracy. Eileen tells Jason that she loves him and he's not moving out. They tearfully embrace.


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