Episode 6202
Production code P694/6202
ITV transmission date 9th January 2006
(Monday - Part 1)
Script editor Anita Turner
Sarah Hunter
Story editor Bryan Kirkwood
Story associates Jane Pearson
Cathianne Hall
Martin Sterling
Gavin Blyth
Kim Millar
Writer Daran Little
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tracey Rooney
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 8th January 2006
Next episode 9th January 2006


David continues to treat Gail like a servant. Phil's appalled at his behaviour. Amber tells Dev she wants some work in the Corner Shop and how eventually she wants to be a fashion designer. Dev's amused by her. Blanche cons Keith into walking Eccles for her while he does his paper round. Danny's delighted when Adam tells him he's moving back to Scotland. In the salon the girls compare Christmas presents. Audrey and Sarah are appalled that Maria only got Tyrone a £20 gift voucher. Tyrone decides to enter Maria for a competition in the Gazette called "Surprise the Bride". First prize is a white wedding. He enlists Molly's help with the entry form. Ken and Deirdre wave Adam off as he leaves for Scotland. Sarah practises her waxing skills on Maria's legs. Audrey lies saying she's booked up at the salon to avoid helping Keith on his allotment. Ken quizzes Mike about his row with Adam wanting to know why Adam's left, but Mike's evasive. Maria takes Tyrone to the Salon in the evening promising him a surprise. He's excited when she tells him to take all his clothes off. At David's request Gail goes to the chippy. While she's out David is rude to Phil telling him to clear off. Phil sees red, grabs David and throws him against the wall, telling him it's time he learnt his lesson.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Danny is overjoyed to hear Adam is leaving Weatherfield, but when Mike is told of his son's departure he is left disappointed - forgetting he told him to go; Maria decides to give Tyrone a treat - unaware the mechanic is planning a surprise for her; and Sunita refuses Dev's help.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,270,000 viewers (1st place).
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