Episode 6203
Production code P694/6203
ITV transmission date 9th January 2006
(Monday - Part 2)
Script editor Anita Turner
Sarah Hunter
Story editor Bryan Kirkwood
Story associates Jane Pearson
Cathianne Hall
Martin Sterling
Gavin Blyth
Kim Millar
Writer Daran Little
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tracey Rooney
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 9th January 2006
Next episode 11th January 2006


David tells Phil that he and Gail are finished and threatens to report Phil to the police. Maria gives Tyrone a back and chest wax. Tyrone screams in agony. Amber tells Sunita that it's her birthday and Dev doesn't even know it. Sunita lets her into the flat for a chat. When Gail arrives home David tells her how Phil threw him against the wall. Phil lies, saying he shouted at David but never laid a finger on him. Gail believes Phil. Blanche prepares for a night out with the Monday Nighters. She leaves Ken in charge of Eccles. Rosie sneaks round to Craig's house. They declare their love for each other and swear they won't let Kevin and Sally tear them apart. David accuses Gail of caring more about having a boyfriend than she does about her children. Gail loses her rag and hits him across the face. David runs upstairs telling her he hates her. Gail's mortified at what she's done. Ed chats to Emily, Blanche and Rita in the Rovers. He sees Eileen at the bar and buys her a drink. Sarah finds Gail in tears and comforts her. David's angry with Sarah when she doesn't believe his story about Phil either. Deirdre chats to Eccles in the back yard whilst having a sneaky fag. Gail and Phil relax after the trauma of the evening. David looks at them with pure hatred.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • TV Times synopsis: David is stunned by Phil's angry outburst and dismayed when Gail goes along with her partner's version of events; Tyrone's special treat is not quite what he had in mind; and Ken begins to lose his temper when Eccles makes a dog's dinner of his wallet.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,210,000 viewers (2nd place).
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