Episode 6211
Production code P694/6211
ITV transmission date 22nd January 2006
Script editor Anita Turner
Sarah Hunter
Story editor Bryan Kirkwood
Story associates Cathianne Hall
Martin Sterling
Gavin Blyth
Kim Millar
Hamish Wright
Writer Daran Little
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Duncan Foster
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 20th January 2006
Next episode 23rd January 2006


Leanne's delighted when Danny tells her they're moving into Mike's flat while he's away. She's impressed to find there's a gym and spa in the basement. Dev apologises to Sunita for registering the births behind her back. He takes Sunita some groceries. Sunita's too tired and too stressed to refuse his help for once. Eileen's nervous as her first date with Ed approaches. Sean gets her to do some breathing exercises. Leanne moves the furniture around in Mike's flat to try and put her own stamp on it. Danny forms a plan of how to get Mike to give him power of attorney. Tyrone's grateful when Molly offers to help him fill in the form to get a permit to sell fast food from a van. Maria's annoyed he's still going ahead with his mad idea and even more annoyed to see another picture of herself in the paper. Leanne sees Jamie and Violet together and can't help feeling jealous. Phil takes Gail, Sarah, David, Bethany and Jason out for a pizza. David sulks making it quite clear he doesn't want to be there. Sunita lets Dev hold the babies for the first time. He cries with emotion. Eileen tells Ed about her gay son and how she never married either of the fathers of her children. Ed assures Eileen that he too has a history. Jason spots Jamie and Violet together in the pizzeria. He has a go at Jamie telling him to keep his hands off Violet. Sarah overhears their conversation. She's furious and embarrasses Gail by rowing at the table with Jason. Penny leaves a message on Mike's answerphone in the flat. Leanne deletes it.


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