Dev is walking on air thinking that he and Sunita now have a future together. Shelley and Violet are appalled when Sunita announces she's going to get back with Dev for the sake of their children. Tyrone continues to work on the burger van. He's worried what Maria will think of it but Molly's supportive and tells him he's doing a great job. Clifford goes for a drink with Roy and Hayley. He tells Roy he's the only fellow pupil who doesn't hate him. Ronnie enjoys winding Tracy up by telling her they can't baby sit for Amy as they're going clubbing. Steve's worried that Tracy will be out for revenge. Fred visits Stacy and is appalled to find she's been beaten up. Stacy explains she was pulling her last Thai bride scam, intending to then go straight when the man attacked her. Roy and Hayley help drunken Clifford into a cab. Molly draws up a business plan for Tyrone so that he can impress Maria. Fred admits to Rita he's been to see Stacy and tells her what's happened. Rita warns him to stay away from Stacy as she's already conned him once. Sunita breaks down, admitting to Shelley she can't play happy families with Dev as she doesn't trust him. She decides it's best if she moves back to her family.


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