Ed tells Emily how truly sorry he is for accidentally killing her husband and how he's a changed man. Emily's angry and deeply upset and insists he leaves. Ronnie decides to befriend Tracy as she secretly thinks it would be better to have her on side. Tracy reluctantly agrees to go shopping with her. Deirdre tells Eileen that the man she had a drunken snog with on her night out has turned up at work and blackmailed her into approving his planning application by threatening to tell Ken. Charlie's furious at being left with Amy and Tracy doesn't answer her phone. Roy agrees to help Clifford re-build his model railway so he can enter the model railway competition. Amber nags Dev about Shareen and Dev finally confesses she's his daughter. Amber's gobsmacked to discover she's got another sister she didn't know about. Eileen spots Ed in the Street but Ed's too upset to talk to her. Eileen's unaware of his emotional turmoil and thinks she's been dumped. Sean tries to comfort Eileen but she's too upset and snaps at him. Sean's hurt. Charlie storms into the Rovers with Amy. He thrusts her at Tracy and tells her she's dumped. Norris arrives home and finds Emily in turmoil. She tells Norris about Ed's confession and how he murdered Ernest. Norris is horrified.


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