As Charlie dismantles the roof of No.6, a furious Keith threatens to call the police. To Audrey's surprise, David is pleasant and hard-working in the salon. He offers to split a £2 tip with Maria. The police arrive at No.6 but to Keith's annoyance they take little interest. Tracy gives up looking for her lost shoe and lets Blanche give the remaining one to Eccles to chew on. Fred and Bev are concerned about Ashley and his forthcoming court case over Joshua. Shelley feels left out. Charlie slams Keith against a wall and threatens him, telling him to get his landlord to pay the outstanding bill or else. Keith's scared. Ronnie wants a night out but Steve's got other plans. Ronnie storms off. Steve tries to mediate between Kelly and Lloyd but although Kelly appreciates what Steve's trying to do, she is adamant that Lloyd's history. When Violet tells Sarah she really wishes she and Jason well for their wedding, Sarah's taken aback. Sean phones his Dad for the first time in twenty years to tell him Aunty Betty has died. He gets the answerphone and leaves a message. Charlie takes Tracy for a pizza and reveals he hid her shoe to pay her back for her fake abortion stunt. Tracy's unnerved that he knows.


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