Dot is still full up after Christmas Day and refuses Elsie's offer of more food. Dennis considers going to the party as Biggles. Ena tries to help Vera rest but she is suspicious of her mother's sudden concern. The residents dress up for the fancy dress party:
Albert - Father Christmas
Ken - Lawrence of Arabia
Val - Nell Gwyn
Lucille - A chimney sweep
Minnie - Old Mother Riley
Elsie - Spanish dancer
Irma - 1920s Flapper girl
David - Old Time Butcher
Len - Batman
Jerry - Robin
Dennis changes his mind and also goes as Batman. Irma and David try to stop Hilda making loud insulting comments about Elsie. Annie makes a grand late entrance as Queen Elizabeth the First. Jack and Stan spend the evening in the Rovers alone. Dot judges the grand parade. Ena has to hold back the tears as she watches Vera dying. Dot gives Jerry and a delighted Annie prizes for their costumes. Lucille tells a surprised Jack that she's engaged.


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Elsie Tanner: "I don't think she's pretending. I think she's always been Queen Elizabeth dressed up as Annie Walker."

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