Episode 6344
Production code P694/6344
ITV transmission date 26th July 2006
Script editor Sarah Hunter
Angela Sinden
Story editor Gavin Blyth
Story associates Martin Sterling
Hamish Wright
Kathryn Pugsley
John Kerr
Daniel Dockery
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Paul Martin
Director Tom Poole
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 24th July 2006
Next episode 28th July 2006


Jason's moping as Sean tries to convince him to try and speak to Sarah about the wedding. Sally and Rita tease Sophie as she chooses a birthday card for Chesney. Jamie tells Frankie of the gossip about Leanne's pregnancy. Tracy hears more noises from upstairs at No.6. Charlie promises to investigate later that evening with Jason. Frankie's cold towards Danny when he invites her for a drink, but Jamie discovers that Leanne isn't pregnant. Frankie later accepts the invitation to the Rovers. Claire continues to show the baby round, first at The Kabin and then Street Cars. She surprises Steve and Eileen by telling them she'll soon be returning to work. Sophie's glammed up at Chesney's birthday bash, but only brightens up when Cameron arrives. Charlie and Jason catch the mysterious squatter, only to find it's Craig. Charlie sends him packing as Sally and Kevin watch on. The Battersby-Browns' party annoys Norris, but Les makes things worse by setting a banger off in the bin. Frankie's shell-shocked when Danny tells her he's dumped Leanne for her. He's devastated when she tells him that they'll never get back together.


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