Charlie acts surprised when Maria says she's had a break-in. He promises to fit a new door with better locks. Fiz and Molly walk Monica while Kirk and Tyrone enjoy themselves in the pub. Michelle asks Steve if he would taxi her son Ryan to and from his athletics club. Steve's delighted she chose him and not Lloyd. When Maria tells Charlie she had £50 stolen from the flat he offers to knock it off the rent, leaving her thinking him kind and generous. Liz is increasingly jealous of Michelle, finding fault with everything she does. Vernon tells Michelle if she stays in his good books he'll make sure she's still got a job in the band and at the Rovers. Dev's gutted to discover Sunita's seeing another man. Amber's sympathetic. Fiz and Molly are relieved when they find Monica. Fiz tells Molly how she feels stuck in a rut with Kirk. Adam's furious to find Danny's screwed up a couple of the orders. He suspects Danny did it on purpose hoping to blame Adam when he returns. Charlie lies to Tracy saying he's taking Jason out for the evening. He then fobs Jason off with £30 asking him to keep quiet. Meanwhile he calls on Maria. Maria's feeling vulnerable and is only too happy to see Charlie. They end up kissing passionately.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Vernon's suggestive remarks about staying in his good books give Michelle cause for concern; Liz continues to make life uncomfortable for her; and Charlie acts like the perfect landlord as police visit Maria's flat.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,050,000 viewers (6th place).
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