Gail tries to talk to David about the bullying but he's unreceptive and rude to her. Hung-over Jamie drags himself out of bed. Violet's unimpressed. Gail tells Audrey she doesn't know whether to believe David or not and is at her wits' end. Audrey's sympathetic. An Estate Agent calls to value the pub. Liz, Violet and Sean are shocked to learn that Fred's thinking of selling the Rovers. Adam signs over his 40% of Underworld to Liam after his brother Paul puts up the agreed £80,000. Violet tells Sean how she's worried Jamie's getting fed up with her. Adam announces to everyone that he's sold his share of the factory to Liam. Blanche is furious he's thrown away Mike's business. Jamie thinks he's mad for accepting £80,000. Gail tells David he's going to school on Monday come hell or high water but David tells her she can't force him. Claire pulls out some photos of her baby when he was first born. She compares them to Thomas and seems perturbed. Liz is worried about her job at the Rovers. Steve suggests she raises the money to buy the pub herself. When Paul finds out Frankie's the ex-wife of Danny, Liam's new business partner, he warns Liam to give her a wide birth. Liam ignores him and takes Frankie out on a date.


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  • TV Times synopsis: A sneaky business deal puts Adam in the money; and staff at the Rovers fear for their jobs. Meanwhile, Liam tries to win Frankie's affections.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,100,000 viewers (6th place).
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