Charlie Stubbs is the only topic of conversation at the Barlow household. Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre that he won’t know what has hit him. Kevin tells Sally, Rosie and Sophie that his dad, Bill is going to treat them to a holiday for their twentieth wedding anniversary. Shelley tells Bev she won't be attending her wedding as Charlie would know where to find her. Bev's disappointed. Charlie and Maria arrive back from Birmingham. He drops Maria round the corner out of sight. Fred's under a lot of pressure trying to run the shop and help Ashley out with the kids. He worries how they'll cope without him and knows he'll miss them. Charlie lets himself into the house with flowers and Tracy slaps him across the head with them. Charlie thinks she's found out about Maria and is relieved when she says she knows he slept with Shelley. He's shocked to hear Shelley's pregnant. Distraught Tracy insists he must force her to have an abortion. Blanche is aware of Ken and Deirdre whispering behind her back. She wrongly suspects them of wanting to put her in a home. Charlie confronts Shelley in back yard of the Rovers. He pins her against a wall and demands she has an abortion. Shelley refuses but assures him he will have nothing to do with his child and she'll make sure of that. Violet discovers loads of text messages from Jamie on Sean's phone. Sean admits he fancies Jamie. Violet wants Sean to ask Jamie out to test his sexuality. Tracy locks Charlie out of the house and slings his belongings out after him.


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