Len refuses to believe Dave Smith saved Paul. Percy Bridge tells Elsie his old landlady is holding his clothes as he owes her rent. Elsie gives him money for his rent, watched by Len and Jerry. Ena and Albert clean up Len's house. Emily asks Dennis to work on Lucille to get her to work at Gamma Garments. Elsie accuses Dave of lying. She is sure Percy saved Paul. Dennis wins Lucille over with talk of cut-price gear. Len and Elsie get Dave and Percy together in the Rovers to discover the fraud. Emily offers Lucille £8 a week and commission of sixpence in the pound. Lucille agrees to take the job. Dave produces Paul's cap as proof. Elsie is disgusted and Len throws Percy out after retrieving her money. Elsie says thank you to Dave.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Stand up the real hero!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,100,000 homes (15th place - this low rating was explained by the BBC airing the comedy series Till Death Us Do Part directly against this episode).
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