Dennis arranges for Miss Weatherfield - Kay Johnson - to open the new Gamma Garments. Emily asks Len to perform the ceremony. Len offers Dennis' old job to Stan. He takes it for £14 a week. The residents gossip as Elsie's friendship with Dave Smith deepens. Len agrees to open Gamma leaving Dennis to find the ten guineas to pay off Miss Weatherfield. Two thugs, Phil Ferguson and Eric Briggs, cut up rough at the Betting Shop. Stan's back goes on his first day at the Yard.


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Elsie Tanner: "I'm still like a little kid, me. Mekkin' sandcastles on South Shore. I only needed to see a big, blonde feller wi "Lifeguard" plastered across 'is chest, an I'd traipse after 'im all day w' me bucket an' spade."

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