Gail tells David she wants him there when the Educational Welfare Officer calls, but David ignores her leaving Gail frustrated. Ken starts work at The Kabin while Rita and Norris leave for their holiday in Budapest. Gail explains to the Welfare Officer how she's begged David to go to school but to no avail. The Officer suggests counselling for all the family. Fiz takes her one-day compulsory basic training test on her scooter. She passes allowing her to become a learner driver. Maria invites David to her flat and gives him a beer trying to buy his silence. David tells her he fancies her but when Maria tells him he's too young, he's gutted. Charlie confronts Maria wanting to know why she's had David in the flat. Maria admits David's found out about their affair. Deirdre has Liz, Eileen and Frankie round for a drink. Frankie admits she hasn't slept with Danny since they got back together. The girls think she's mad. David sees Charlie leaving Maria's flat and is consumed with jealousy. Frankie arrives home and to Danny's delight, kisses him passionately. Fiz sets off on her scooter but one of tyres explodes. Fiz and Kirk find it funny. David punctures the tyres on Charlie's van and smashes the windscreen.


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