At home alone, Danny wallows in self-pity whilst Jamie and Frankie spend the morning in bed together. Les tries to remain upbeat in front of Chesney, but it's clear Yana is playing on his mind. Norris is cleaning graffiti from the wall of The Kabin, and Amber suggests he invest in a pair of night vision goggles to watch the Street at night. After Cilla tells Yana she has cancer, Les takes Yana aside and they agree that sleeping together was a one-off mistake, but Chesney overhears and isn't convinced. Liam struggles getting control and respect at the factory as the girls prepare for their Christmas do. Kelly takes a phone photo of Liam getting changed, which he deletes. Claire asks Charlie about Tracy, but shrinks back when Charlie's aggressively defensive. Tracy manages to persuade Charlie that Claire's just being nosy. Carla Connor, Paul's wife arrives at the Underworld party, lording it over the girls. A resilient and angry Danny catches Jamie and Frankie going to the Rovers. He persuades Jamie to get into the car with him and they drive off into the night. Concerned, Frankie rings Jamie, but Danny throws Jamie's phone out of the car window as he drives along at high speed.


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