Tracy locks herself in the bedroom again, but when Charlie finds her he becomes suspicious. Vernon continues to shirk work in the Rovers annoying Steve, as Liz and Michelle put up the Christmas decorations. Liam is worried about Danny's whereabouts. The factory girls discuss where he is, and Sean is forced to lie. Bev organises a christening party at the Rovers, but her interference annoys Claire who turns down her offer. Steve tries to get a kiss from Michelle under the mistletoe, but she refuses. Charlie realises Tracy was lying about the door handle. A riled Tracy decides to raise the stakes later on that evening. The factory girls start to wonder if Danny's gone missing and whether they'll be paid. Hayley and Janice are nominated to ask Liam. Though clearly worried he assures them everything's fine and they'll get paid as normal. Tracy sends Amy over to Deirdre and Ken, promising Charlie a meal that night he'll never forget. Gail tells Audrey she's planning to buy David a car to do up for his birthday. Michelle lures Steve into the back for a passionate kiss under the mistletoe, but they're interrupted by Liz. At the end of their meal Tracy tells Charlie she wants to have a blazing row. Charlie's puzzled at what she might mean as Tracy goes upstairs to change.


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