Sophie continues to keep Jack on edge mentioning Bet Lynch. Violet tells Sean and Eileen she's pregnant. Sean offers to help Violet with the baby. Sally's shocked that Bill will be with the Platts for Christmas. She tells him to decline the invite and eat with them. Claire gives Tracy the number for a women's refuge centre. Violet tells Jamie about the pregnancy. Jamie's too shocked to make sense of it and makes vague promises to help her as much as she wants. Jason and Sarah have a tentative lunch together. They decide to bunk off work and go for a drink in the Weatherfield Arms. Bill, Kevin and Audrey persuade Gail and Sally to have a joint Christmas dinner at the Platts' house. Tracy phones the refuge to make a false complaint but is forced to hang up half way through when Charlie returns home. Betty's unconvinced by Jack's stories of Sophie Webster until Sophie mentions Betty being a mayoress. Earwigging Roy is more sceptical. Michelle discovers paint on Ryan's shirt and knows he's been lying about the graffiti. She forces him to apologise to Norris and promise to clear it up. Jamie tells Violet they won't get back together as he's found someone else. She manages to get Jamie to admit he's seeing Frankie. Violet's outraged, and it's made worse when Sean, who's just returned, admits he knew all along. An angry Violet tells Eileen what's been going on, and Jamie realises he's made a mess of things.


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