Joanne's nervous about getting into a relationship with her boss, but Liam's very persuasive and she finds impossible to resist. Jodie Morton explains to Jason how they'd booked Charlie to refit the old bakers shop out as a chippy for her and her family. She persuades Jason to do it instead. Tracy searches frantically for David, desperate to find out what he saw. Audrey tells her David's at the police station giving them all the details. David tells the police how Charlie went for Tracy with a knife and she hit him over the head with an ornament in self-defence. Kelly is still convinced that Liam fancies her. Joanne says nothing. David tells the police how Charlie once forced him into his van and then about the attempted drowning. Tracy's fretting, wondering what David's saying to the police. Ken tries to calm her down. Roy panics when Becky sets off for the car boot sale and accidentally takes Roy's Eagle comics and Dan Dare ray gun with her. He's hugely relieved when she returns with them. The police question Liam and Maria who both corroborate David's story. Tracy questions David as to what he saw and soon realises David's lying and David becomes equally suspicious of Tracy. They form an uneasy alliance.


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  • Alongside Amelia Caudwell, Holly is also played by two other babies whose names are unknown.
  • First appearance of Jodie Morton.
  • TV Times synopsis: As the police question Maria about Charlie's violent manner, Tracy realises David is lying and could be used to her advantage. Jason attempts to step into his late boss's work boots when a client asks him to renovate the bakery; and Roy realises that Becky has taken his comics to the car-boot sale.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,910,000 viewers (1st place).
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