Episode 6482
Production code P694/6482
ITV transmission date 31st January 2007
Script editor Sarah Mann
Gill Creswell
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates Martin Sterling
Hamish Wright
Kathryn Pugsley
John Kerr
Kate Rogerson
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Alan Davis
Director Pip Short
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 29th January 2007
Next episode 2nd February 2007


Deirdre hugs David and thanks him for telling the police what he saw. David starts realise just how important his web of lies is to Tracy. Jason starts work on the new chip shop. Eileen's worried about him trying to run the Builder's Yard on his own. Roy and Hayley buy an old Morris Traveller with the proceeds of the comics. Becky begrudgingly agrees to meet up with Slug for a drink. Against Ken and Deirdre's better judgement, Tracy insists on letting herself into No.6 to retrieve some of her belongings. David quietly follows her in and watches her pocketing Charlie's watch. Sonny tells Michelle he's going away on business to Dublin for a few days. Tracy's thrown when David accuses her of killing Charlie deliberately. Tracy denies it but David goes on to explain that he's happy to corroborate her story so long as she's very nice to him. Tracy realises David's blackmailing her but there's little she can do about it.


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