Blanche continues to have a go at Tracy over her promiscuous behaviour. Tracy ignores her and plans another night out with her new man, Dom. Unbeknown to Tracy, Blanche phones Dom on Tracy's mobile and tells him she's up on a murder charge. Dom cancels their date. Tracy books a cab with Steve to take her on her date. Steve wallows in self-pity wishing he had a date. Leaving grandad in the Rovers, Jodie goes to see how Jason's getting on with the chip shop. She's not impressed and complains at the standard of his work. Liam makes it clear to Joanne that their relationship is just a bit of fun and nothing serious. Joanne tries to act cool. Kelly's still convinced Liam fancies her. Joanne's irritated but keeps her counsel. Tracy's annoyed when Dom stands her up and finds out Blanche engineered it. She phones Steve to come and collect her. Sarah suggests that Jason should ask Bill to help him on the shop refit but Jason's adamant he can manage. Tracy and Steve end up spending the evening together. They compare their miserable lives. As Steve drops Tracy back home, she kisses him briefly.


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  • Alongside Amelia Caudwell, Holly is also played by two other babies whose names are unknown.
  • TV Times synopsis: Blanche interferes in Tracy's love life, inadvertently leading her granddaughter into a romantic encounter with Steve; Sean warns Sonny he intends to tell Michelle everything; and Kelly remains oblivious to Joanne's relationship with Liam, convinced she's the one who has caught his eye.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,820,000 viewers (4th place).
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